Do you want to try scuba diving? Why not come to Blue Harbor Scuba and take one of our Try-dives in a fun and friendly environment.  You will be briefed on how scuba equipment works, given essential safety points – and then it`s time to get in and try breathing underwater for the first time.  Your “Try-dive for beginners” session will last for an hour or two, in which time you will gain confidence, have some fun, and embark on the first step to becoming a qualified diver.  As you get further into diving, you will discover that there is a common link that gives divers something to talk about, no matter where you are in the world. We all started sometime, and can clearly remember the first time we entered the fascinating world of diving – so you will be in good company.

On completion of your first Try-dive, you are welcome to come back and try again as many times as you wish – or you can take the next step, into the Open Water course.

To take part in a "try-dive for beginners" session all you need is

  • to be in reasonable health and
  • to be at least10 years old

All under 16-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Try-dives are available in a pool or in a local lake. We prefer to use the lake for the simple reason that in Maine we have such good visibility that you feel as if you are in a pool with fish swimming with you.

The average dive depth is 5 metres/15 feet

Most try dives take just an hour or two